The Ministry of Transportation has expropriated the property at 1208 Main St. Marysville, Wolfe Island.  The house on this property is known as "The Briceland House".  This property has some local historical significance as being one of the oldest and picturesque houses in Marysville.  This house was built sometime between 1921 and April 1923 when J.S. Briceland acquired the property.  His daughter Rose was born there.  There are a number of other village houses that pre-date this one by decades.  This property may be one of the oldest houses that has remained in close to original condition.  The expropriation occurred in order to acquire some of the property as part of the expansion of the Marysville Dock.  The dock is being restructured in preparation for the new Wolfe Islander IV ferry set to arrive in 3 years. 

It has recently come to the attention of the Wolfe Island Historical Society (WIHS), and many community members, that the house is to be demolished.  The outcome of this house and property is different from what many in the community were led to believe through consultation and planning events that have taken place, including artist renderings of the finished dock showing the house in its current place.  These pictures are available for viewing at Town Hall in Marysville.  The timeline for the demolition has yet to be confirmed as reports vary from a couple of weeks from now to at the end of the dock expansion project. 

The WIHS would like to stop the planned demolition and, at the very least, have a conversation with all parties involved about the options to keep the house standing where it is and perhaps make it a place for the community to enjoy and bring tourism to the Village.

If you support our cause, please feel free to sign our petition! The petition website asks for a donation - please don't pay it.  The money does not go to this cause.