This tombstone is found in the Point Alexandria or Horne Cemetery. John Alexander McDonald was the son of Donald Hugh McDonell/McDonald (1832-1924) and Margaret McRae (1850-1895). George and Mary Gertrude McDonald were John’s siblings. Alberta Victoria Joslin was the daughter of Almond Alexander Joslin (1846-1917) and Victoria Jane Herring (1847-1888). Lyle Edmund MacDonald was the son of John and “Bertie” McDonald. Lyle’s older brother, Dr. Wilfred Lorne Joslin McDonald, moved to the U.S.  John’s father was Roman Catholic and is buried in the New RC Cemetery. His mother Margaret McRae was Presbyterian but is buried along with her aunt of the same name in Trinity Anglican Cemetery. Her aunt was married to her husband’s older brother Allan McDonell. John’s wife’s parents were Methodists and are buried in St. Lawrence Cemetery at the Foot of the Island.