The following are a collection of short stories written by Captain Brian Johnson.  Many of these stories have been published in a number of publications including the Kingston Whig Standard, Thousand Islands Life Magazine and the WIHS Windword. 


Click on the title of the story - the link will take you to the issue of Thousand Islands Life Magazine that features the story. 

*Note - some stories have the body of the story missing for unknown reasons.  We are looking at making these stories available to you soon!


Ferry Boats: "James W. Curran" and "John A. McPhail" Lost at Sea (June 2020) 


Maggie Wheeler, the Seaway Valley Queen of Crime (May 2019)


Stolen by the Witch of November (November 2017)


Launching a Ship was a Family Affair in 1871 (September 2017)


Violet Johnson: A Wolfe Island Farmer's Wife (June 2017)


The Peanut Gang (July 2016)


Shipyard Nurse - another reason to save Kingston's Marine Museum (May 2016)


The Brophy's Point Tragedy, March 18, 1946 (March 2016)*


Wolfe Islander III comes home, Nov 2015 (December 2015)


Fire...Fire aboard "Watertown" Part II (October 2015)*


Fire! Fire aboard the "Watertown!" (September 2015)*


Captain Hogan, "The Best of the Best (March 2015)*


A New-Year's tail-spin (January 2015)


Wolfe Islander Lost in Snowstorm (December 2014)*


A Pilot's Story (July 2014)*


Buck Mullin (April 2014)*


February Hockey: That Very First Goal (February 2014)*


A Proud Wolfe Islander from Button Bay (October 2013)


The Search for Uncle 'Moe' (August 2013)*


A Grand 'ol Dame gets a facelift...The Old House Museum on Wolfe Island (June 2013)*


"Growing Up on Wolfe Island", history and storytelling... (May 2013)


Flying Solo; the Felicity McKendry story (April 2013)*


Winter Wake on Wolfe Island... (March 2013)*


Grant 'Lindy' Lucy, boatman, founder of GBL (November 2012)*


Rene Longtin...Still goin' strong at 80 (September 2012)*


Beacons of Hope...Kayaking for MS (July 2012)


Farewell, Buttercup (April 2012)*


Hal "Moose" McCarney, 'The Godfather' (December 2011)*


R.B. 'Ratch' Wallace: 'Captain Hollywood' (November 2011)*


The End of the Ferry Crisis... (November 2011)*


The Dreamer: Captain Robert Beckstead of GBL (October 2011)


Hail to the Chief - Jack Norris of the GBL (September 2011)*


Arthur Pullaw: River Rat Extraordinaire (August 2011)


The Army Landing Barges 'Wolfe Islander 1' and 'Wolfe Islander 2' (July 2011)*


The End of the "SS Wolfe Islander" (June 2011)


Captain Richard 'RF' Fawcett and the "Wolfe Islander III" (May 2011)


Tribute to Cap't Charlie (February 2011)


Remembering the Eastcliffe Hall (August 2010)*


Pirate Bill (June 2010)*


A "Long" Distance to Wolfe Island (April 2010)*


The River as a Way of Life (January 2010)*


Captain Davis Recalls the Ships (December 2009)*


The Great Gale of '75 (November 2009)*


Silent Rapids of Long Sault (October 2009)


Lost Villages, Inundation Day (September 2009)*


Lost Villages (August 2009)*


A Wolfe Island Christmas Story (July 2009)


The Wolfe Islander is Missing (June 2009)