Short Stories

by Captain Brian Johnson

The following are a collection of short stories written by Captain Brian Johnson.  Many of these stories have been published in a number of publications including the Kingston Whig Standard, Thousand Islands Life Magazine and the WIHS Windword. 

A Long Distance to Wolfe Island

Behind two small tugs a submarine cable spilled out along the harbour floor between Kingston and Wolfe Island in preparation for dial telephone service which starts Sunday …at present, Mrs. Mabel McRae and a staff of six handle the telephone needs of the island. READ MORE

A Wolfe Island Wake in Wintertime 
Wolfe Island was a different world 50 years ago Island residents face their toughest winter in years. The ferry Wolfe Islander operates on an erratic schedule because of the ice. . READ MORE

An Island Wake

Christmas Day Near Tragedy

“No one panicked while they were floundering in the water and scrambling for firm ice. Mothers held their children aloft while passengers and crew from the Salvage Prince raced on to the ice with ropes, life preservers and gang planks to drag the victims on board.” READ MORE

A Wolfe Island Christmas Story

Log entry for November 8, 2015:

08:25: We’re almost home. Early Sunday morning on Lake Ontario, east bound, course 041 degrees. Weather: sunny, clear. Slight north-westerly swell. READ MORE

The Wolfe Islander III Comes Home

Paul V. Johnson – October 15, 1940 – October 8, 2011

Ambitious, meticulous, redheaded Irishman… could be hotheaded, too! (Margaret (Johnson) Commercial READ MORE

A Proud Wolfe Islander from Button Bay

The keel for the new boat was laid in Power’s shipyard on the first of June.

Day by day the vessel grew,
With timbers fashioned strong and true.
Mr. Kinghorn’s new composite steamer will be launched at two o’clock tomorrow afternoon. “Daily News,” Sept. 1, 1871 READ MORE

Launching a Ship was a Family Affair in 1871

Whig-Standard, January 14, 1950

…after four hours of continuous searching bleak coves and small inlets, both groups were almost ready to announce that the vessel had gone down. The Canadian side revealed nothing more than empty shoreline. READ MORE

The Wolfe Islander is Missing

Stolen by the Witch of November

There is one thing that a mariner can always predict for certain.
The late fall weather surrounding wide Lake Ontario is certainly unpredictable.

“But for many years, especially anchored ships seeking shelter in Prince Edward Bay, sailors on the midnight watch waiting on late fall north-westerly gales, no one speaks of legendary Moses Dulmage and his wild ride.” READ MORE

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