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Speaker Series: Cathy Christie

Sunday, 08 Sep 2024

Do you remember the taste of your favourite vegetable from your grandparents’ garden that you long for today?

Those delicious flavours were created by heirloom varieties! While there is no official definition of heirloom seeds in Canada we often describe them as varieties that were introduced more than 50 years ago that have a history of their own.

That seems like a very short time frame when you consider that humans and plants have been domesticating each other for about 10,000 years and that plants started making seeds to protect their offspring around 350 million years ago.

Let’s journey back in time and explore where some of our favourite foods originated, how they moved around the world and why it is so important to grow and save them!

Heirloom gardening is an exciting way to preserve biodiversity and create more climate-resilient and
sustainable food and seed systems for the children and grandchildren of the future.

  • Date: 08 Sep 2024 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

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